Adding a New Course

Getting There

Adding a New Course

From the main navigation, choose Courses > Add New Course.

Add New Course


When the new window appears, you’ll have the option to select either the Basic or Advanced tab. Start with the Basic tab for required information first.

Basic Tab

Under the Basic tab, fill out the required information as shown below:

Add New Course

Set your Course Name

Choose a name for your course. This title will be the identifier for your course on all pages after the new course is created. It will be displayed on the Explore Courses page.

Add a Course Description

Enter a short description of the course. You can add RTF, text, and images to the Event Description using our WYSIWYG editor. This will show up in the course as a high-level summary for your participants.

Set a Cover Photo

Select an image file to use as a cover photo for the course. The photo is displayed on the homepage or the course listing page. You can enable or disable the cover photo by sliding the toggle. When disabled, your participants will see the default cover photo.

Add a Cover Description

Enter a short cover description. The description will show up on the Explore Courses page along with the cover photo.

Add Course Categories

The Categories section lets you tag and filter courses to specific categories. You can select any category from the list of available categories by selecting the check box, and add new categories by clicking + (Add A New Category).

Add Track Names

The Track Names section lets you filter course items to specific tracks. You can add tracks to the Available tracks list by clicking + (Add New Track).

Add Course Administrator(s)

This feature allows you to give administrator rights for the course. A course administrator can create, delete, and edit anything in the course. Administrator privileges just apply to the selected course.

A course administrator can not manage other administrators, does not have access to the Admin tab, and is not able to create new courses.


The Active toggle allows you to choose whether course participants can view the content. This is a nice feature if you are drafting a course you aren’t ready to make live yet. Slide the toggle to enable or disable the course.

Advanced Tab

After adding the basic information, the Advanced tab will allow you to make the course purchasable (if enabled) along with other customizations.

Add New Course

Set Purchasable (When Ecommerce is Enabled)

This allows your course participants the flexibility to join a course if they have paid for it. Members and non-members can activate the toggle and enter the purchase amount.

Activate the toggle to set a course as featured. The featured course will be displayed on the home page.

Add Full Size Cover Image - ideal size 1007px wide x 152px tall

Slide the toggle to add a full cover image for the course.

Toggle Comment Functionality

Sliding this toggle will allow for a real-time comment feed to the course page.

Toggle Course Item Comments

Activating this toggle will add a real-time comment feed to the course item page.

The Course Item Comments will not be displayed on Assessments and Surveys.

Set Search Keywords

Enter search keywords in the Search Keywords text box, separated with commas. Titles, descriptions, and contributors are already placed in the keywords by default. You can use this tool to ‘tag’ content, so your contributors can find what they’re looking for easily. The global search (next to Path’s main site navigation in the header) will recognize any keywords entered here and add to the search results.

Click Create Course to finish adding a new course.

Add New Course