The Assignments feature allows you to create, grade, and review coursework in Path. Participants can upload work for a grade, and receive feedback after submission.

Getting There

From the main navigation, select Courses. Then select an existing course to add an assignment to.

You must create a course before you can create an assignment.


From the list of Path items, click Assignments.


Creating an Assignment

Assignment details are entered using the Basic and Advanced tabs.

Basic Tab

Basic details include required information necessary to create an assignment.

Assignments Basic tab

Set your Assignment Name

Enter a name for your assignment.

Add an Assignment Description

Enter a short description of your assignment. You can add RTF, text, and images to the description using our WYSIWYG editor.

Add Instructor(s) Email

Enter the email of each instructor. You can also add non-administrators to this list, and they will be able to view, review, and grade the assignments.

Allow Resubmission

Slide the toggle to allow an assignment to be resubmitted. If resubmissions aren’t allowed, the participant will only have one opportunity to submit for a grade.


Slide the toggle to activate content for participants. Keep the toggle off to hide content from being viewable.

Advanced Tab

Assignments Advanced tab

Enter the Group ID (When Groups are Enabled)

This option allows you to control visibility and access criteria for a particular group. Click the plus symbol next to the group names to add it to the selected groups list.

Set the Guest Viewable Toggle

Slide the toggle to allow access when participants are logged out.

Set Purchasable (When Ecommerce is Enabled)

You can choose a group and set pricing. This allows your participants the flexibility to access the material if they have purchased it.

Set Guest Access Toggle

Slide the toggle to allow guest access to assignments.

Credit Values

You can assign a credit value to the assignment.

Set Search Keywords

Enter search keywords in the Search Keywords text box, separated with commas to quickly search for an assignment.

Click Create Assignment to complete the process.

Sample Assignment

Completing and Submitting an Assignment

After creating an assignment, participants can login and enter the corresponding course to complete the assignment.

To complete an assignment,

  1. Click on the assignment from the course.

  2. Under Add your answer, browse and select your completed assignment.

  3. Add any comments for the reviewer in the comment box.

  4. Click Submit Assignment.

Submitting an Assignment

Grading an Assignment Submission

After a participant has submitted the assignment for review, you can login from your account and grade it.

Waiting on Instructor

To grade a submitted assignment,

  1. Click Review to view details of the submission.

  2. Grade the assignment, and add any feedback you want in the provided field.

  3. Click Update Submission.

Review Assignments

Reviewing an Assignment Submission

Assignments will automatically be updated as you grade them from the main assignments page as shown below. Just click the review button to see the details of each submitted assignment.

Submission States

Waiting for Instructor

Assignments yet to be graded show as Waiting for Instructor.

Waiting on Instructor


Any passed assignments are shown in green, along with any feedback written.



Failed assignments show up in red, and indicate the assignment needs to be resubmitted if allowed.

If only one submission is allowed, the participant will not be able to advance any further in the course if the assignment is a prerequisite.


Assignment Follow-Up

After the assignment has been graded, participants can login and see the grade they received on the assignment as shown below. They also have the opportunity to see valuable feedback and encouragement.

Final Status


You can attach files, documents, handouts and add relevant links to any assignment.

To add an attachment,

1) Open a course and select an existing assignment, or create a new assignment.


2) From here you can choose to add a link, or other attachments by clicking one of the options as shown below.


To add a link,

1) Click Add Link button.

2) Enter a title and a valid URL for the Link.


3) Click the Create Link button.

Adding Attachments

To add an attachment,

1) Click Add Attachment button.

2) Enter the title and browse for an attachment file.


3) Click the Create Attachment button.