Certificate Builder


To learn more about adding certificates to courses, see Credits and Certificates.

Getting There

From the homepage, click the Admin tab, then click Templates as shown below.


Adding a Certificate Template

To add a certificate template, under Certificate Template Settings, Click Add Certificate Template.

Add Certificate Template

Naming the Certificate

To name the certificate, highlight the default template name and replace with a name that you will be able to reference later.


The certificate name is for internal reference only and cannot be seen by participants.

Importing the Background Image

Certificate builder supports JPG, PNG, and GIF images. To import a background image for your certificate, click the Background Image button and browse for your background image. You can select the layout of your image using the landscape and portrait radio buttons.

Background Image

Inserting Custom Fields

Custom fields can be selected from the fields column. Some of the fields are automatically populated. The fields used as registration questions are included in this list as well.

To drag and reposition the field, simply grab the handle above the text box.You can use the WYSIWYG above the certificate to adjust and edit the typeface.

Custom Fields

The full list of custom fields includes:

  • Written Out Issued Date The issue date of the certificate in writing.

  • Numerical Issued Date The issue date of the certificate in numbers.

  • Credit Values The total credit value the certificate is worth.

  • Items Completed The total number of course items completed.

  • Course Name The name of the course you earned the certificate in.

  • Full User Name The full name of the participant as entered during registration.

To remove a custom field, simply uncheck the selected check box.

Adding New Text Fields

To add a new field, click on the + symbol or the Add New Field button. A new field will appear on the certificate. You can change the name of the field by clicking inside the box. To remove a newly added custom field from the certificate, you can uncheck the check box next to the field. To delete the field entirely, click the red X symbol to the right of the field.

Adding Text fields

Adding Images

Click Add New Image to insert a relevant image for your certificate. An image box will appear on the certificate.

Adding New Image

Just above the image box you can see a Load Image button. Click the load image button to browse for an image. You can also move the image by dragging the handle above the image.

You can also see the newly added image on the left panel. To remove an image, you can uncheck the check box next to the field. To delete the image entirely, click the red X symbol to the right of the field.

Added Image

Saving Certificate Template

When you have finished creating the certificate, click the Save Certificate Button under the field list.

Saving the Certificate

Previewing and Editing Certificate Template

To preview a certificate template, click the Preview button next to the created certificate template. To edit the template design, click the Edit Design button. Attributes can be edited by clicking the Edit Attributes button.

Previewing and Editing Certificate

Deleting a Certificate

You can delete a certificate template by clicking the Delete button next to the template.

Deleting a Certificate