Sections can be used to subdivide a course into modules, chapters, or segments. This can enable you to make a course more organized, especially if you have a large amount of content.

Getting There

From the main navigation, click the Courses tab. Select an existing course from the Explore Courses page.


When the course details page appears, select Section to add a new section to the course.


After the dialog box appears, you’ll have the option to select either the Basic or Advanced tab. Start with the Basic tab for required information first.



Set your Section Name

Give your section a title.


Enter a short description of the content here. You can you use the WYSIWYG text editor to format the text.


This toggle lets you control if your participants can access this section or not. After the Basic tab proceed to the Advanced tab.

Advanced Tab


Set Purchasable (When Ecommerce is Enabled)

When enabled, you can select a group through this option to set pricing for access to this section.

Enter the Group ID (When Groups are Enabled)

This option allows you to control the visibility and access criteria for a particular group. You can select the desired groups that can take the course from the available list of groups.

Click the plus symbol next to the group names to add it to the selected groups list.

Set the Guest Viewable Toggle

Click the toggle to allow your participants to view the section when logged out.

Set Guest Access Toggle

Click the toggle to allow your participants to access the section without a login.

Set Search Keywords

Enter search keywords in the Search Keywords text box, separated with commas. Titles, descriptions, and contributors are already placed in the keywords by default.

Click Create Section to complete the process of adding a new section.

The image below shows how a section is displayed under a course.


After a new section is created, you can add course items just like you would from the main course page.


You can not create a section within another section.