Ordering and prerequisites

Getting There

Navigate to any existing course to begin reordering and assigning prerequisites. Any of the following course items below can be reorganized or assigned as a prerequisite.

Course Items

You can order and assign prerequisites for any course item, including course sections. Check out sections for more information.

Ordering Course Items

To reorder any course item, simply grab the handle with your cursor (As seen in the image below) and drag and drop it where you want it.

Ordering the Sections

Creating Prerequisites

If reordering content isn’t enough structure for your course, you can make any course item a prerequisite. To begin assigning prerequisites, order the content starting with the first item you want your participants to complete.

You can order the content any way you want it, but if you have a specific order you want participants to follow you should order it first before you begin assigning prerequisites.

After you have the course items ordered the way you want, you can click the settings drop-down (as seen in the image below), and select the Require previous item check box. This will lock the item in the course until the previous item has been completed.