Assessment Question Pools

Assessment question pools allow you to add random questions to an existing assessment, and build entire assessments from a pool of predefined questions. You can randomly generate questions for assessments quickly, and add variety to existing assessments.

Getting There

From the main navigation, go to Admin > Templates > Assessment Pool Settings

Assessment Pool Settings Tab

Create a new Question Pool

To create a new question pool,

1) Click Add Question Pool.

Add Question Pool

2) Enter a valid name for your question pool.

3) Click Create Question Pool

Create Question Pool

Add New Questions

To add questions to a question pool,

1) Click View.

Viewing Question Pool

2) Click Add Questions.

Click Add Questions

You can create your questions in the same way as you would when you are creating a regular assessment question.

Retrieving Questions from the Question Pool

After creating the question pool, you can add pool questions directly to an assessment.

From the assessment builder,

1) Click Add Questions.

Add Questions

2) Select a Question Pool and Question Type.

Select the Question Pool

3) Click Save and Close to add the new random question and close the assessment builder. Or you can Save and Continue to add more random questions from the pool.

All of the random questions you added to the assessment will be labeled in the assessment builder as shown below.

Questions Added from Question Pool