PathLMS integrates directly with SCORM Cloud to support SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can.

Enabling SCORM

Upgrade for SCORM

To enable SCORM as a course item, you’ll need to copy 2 application credentials from SCORM cloud and have a PathLMS representative add them to your account.

Finding your application credentials

You’re looking for the Application ID and Secret Key:

SCORM Cloud Credentials

Adding a SCORM package to a Path course

Path treats SCORM packages as course items. This means you can leverage Path’s powerful course structuring tools, such as ecommerce, group access, member/non-member pricing, prerequisites, credits & certificates, surveys, and more.

Once you have SCORM enabled, click the SCORM course item from any new or existing course.

SCORM modal

In the modal, you’ll want to add at least these basic settings:


This will show up on the course item link in addition to the name of your SCORM package, which is pulled in automatically once you reference one.

SCORM Assets (ZIP)

Upload your SCORM package here as a ZIP.

Once the upload completes, click Create. Processing may take a couple of minutes for larger SCORM packages.

Interacting with SCORM content

For learners with access to the content (by way of ecommerce, group permissions, completing course prerequisites, etc) launching is easy.

Visit the course item and click Launch Content

This will launch a new blank tab, as well as the SCORM content in a new window.

SCORM tabs and windows

Leave Path open while completing the SCORM content
Automatically return to Path when finished

SCORM content can include a link to ‘exit’ or ‘return to LMS’. When the user closes the window or clicks a link like one of those, they’ll be returned automatically to Path. Extra tabs/windows launched by SCORM will be closed at this time, and progress will be synchronized between Path and SCORM Cloud.

Completed item

Leaving and coming back

Progress can be tracked within your SCORM package, so learners will be prompted to pick up where they left off.

Bail and return


Most course engagement reporting can be gathered from SCORM Cloud. There’s also a report on Path at Admin > Reports > SCORM. This tab contains a list of all SCORM content and general user engagement metrics, such as date first viewed, date completed, and item visits.