Getting There

After a course has been created, you can access surveys from within the course as shown below.


Create New Survey

To create a new survey, click SURVEY from the list of course items and complete the Basic and Advanced tabs.

Basic Tab

The Basic tab includes required information in order to create a survey. To begin, enter the details as shown below.


Set the Survey Name

Enter a name for the survey.

Set the Allow Multiple Submissions toggle

Slide the toggle to allow for multiple submissions of the survey.


This option allows you to select a previously saved survey template to the current survey. You can also add a new template to the survey by clicking the + (ADD A NEW TEMPLATE) button.

After clicking the + (ADD A NEW TEMPLATE) button, a dialog box appears asking whether you want to proceed to the Survey Template Builder. Click Proceed to go to the Survey Template Builder, or click Cancel to exit this dialog box.

Active Toggle

Slide the toggle to allow participants to view the content.

Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab contains additional options for creating the survey.


Set Purchasable (When Ecommerce is Enabled)

You can choose a group and set pricing. This allows your participants the flexibility to access the material if they have purchased it.

Enter the Group ID (When Groups are Enabled)

This option allows you to control visibility and access criteria for a particular group. You can select the desired groups that need to participate in the survey from the available list of groups. Click the plus symbol next to the group names to add it to the selected groups list.

Set the Guest Viewable Toggle

Slide the toggle to allow the survey to be viewable when logged out.

Credit Values

This option enables you to give credits for completing a survey.

Search Keywords

This feature allows you to attach useful meta data to the survey to make it easier to find. Enter the search keywords, separated with commas in the text box.

After completing the fields, click Create Survey.

The newly created survey is displayed on the course page. You can use the handle to the right to reposition the course item.


Editing Surveys

A survey can always be edited after you’ve created it. Simply click on the Edit button to open the Edit Survey dialog box.


Make the changes and click Update Survey.

You can also edit a survey by clicking the settings button from the main course page as shown in the figure below.


Adding Survey Details and Questions

After the survey framework is built, you can begin adding questions and other details.


Add Info

Click Add Info to add a description to the page. Click update page to update the description.


Click Edit page info link to edit the description.

Adding New Questions

To start adding questions to the survey, click Add Questions.


Question Type

You can create different types of questions for your participants to answer.

You have multiple options for surveys.

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. Open-Ended
  3. Matrix/Likert


Multiple Choice

A multiple choice question allows you to pick a suitable answer among a number of choices.

1) Enter a question in the text box provided.

2) Add a description.

3) Enter your list of choices under Answer Options.

Answer Options

You can enter and select multiple answers for a survey question.

4) Click Add Another Answer Option to add more answers.

Display Format

The display format allows you to decide whether you want your participant to choose only one answer from the list of options, or whether more than one answer can be selected. The display format also allows you to choose whether to allow the answer to be selected as a radio button (single answer), a checkbox (multiple answers), or a drop-down (single answer).

Set the Required Toggle

You can slide the toggle to make the survey required in the course. Leave the toggle off if you want to make the survey optional.

5) Click Save & Continue to add the next question.

6) Click Save & Close to stop adding the questions and exit from the dialog box.

Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions allow participants more freedom in providing useful feedback. A good survey often has a mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions, so you receive a good variety of answers.

Matrix/Likert Questions

Matrix/Likert questions will allow you to create questions where participants can rate or value some aspect of the course using a scale. This type of feedback can be invaluable for getting a pulse of the course, and provide insight for future reference.

To create a matrix/likert question:

1) Set the Question Type to Matrix/Likert Question

Question Type

2) Enter a question in the text box provided.

3) Add a description.

4) Create the metrics you want to measure in the Answer Rows fields as shown below. You can add more rows by clicking the Add Answer Row button.

Answer Rows

5) Create a weight of each metric in the Column Rows as shown below.

Answer Columns

You can decide whether a smaller number is good or bad depending on how you phrase the question.

7) Click Save and Close to complete the process.

Survey participants will then be able to rate or assess an experience as one of the questions in the survey.

Completed Question

Adding/Deleting Pages to a Survey

If you want to add more layers of organization, or further edit your survey, you can always add additional pages or delete pages.

Click + Page on the left, to add pages.

Click Delete Page to delete an unwanted page.


You cannot delete the first page of a survey.

Testing Survey Answers

Your questions can also be tested after you create them. From the main survey page, answer the survey questions and click next.

The next view indicates the number of questions in the survey and the number of questions that were answered.

Now, click Submit Answers.


The next page will show you the output your participant will see after taking the survey.

You can click Edit Questions to go back to the survey page and edit the questions if you want to adjust anything.


If your participants have answered all the survey questions, they will get a confirmation they’ve finished the item, and be allowed to stay on the surveys page, proceed to the next course item, or go back to the main course page.

Survey Completed

When you click on Go to next item, you will be redirected to the questions available in the next survey.