Coupons allow your participants to apply discounts for content available in Path.

Getting There

From the main navigation, click Admin > Commerce and select the Coupons tab.

Accessing Coupons

Coupon Options

You will see a list of available coupons, and have the ability to add, edit, or delete existing coupons. You can offer discounts based on percentage of total cost, or a set amount.

Adding a New Coupon

In the Add new Coupon window, select the coupon option from the Type of Coupon drop-down list. You can choose between a discount coupon, or a credit coupon. This topic will cover discount coupons.

Credit Coupons are covered in the Issuing Purchase Credits topic.

Add New Coupon

Enter Coupon Name

Enter a name for your coupon.

Enter Coupon Code

Enter a coupon code if you have one or click Generate a Code to generate a random code.

Coupon codes should be unique and cannot be reused.

Enter Discount Amount

Discount amount value can either be the percentage of the total price or a fixed amount. Enter the value in the Amount field.

Eligible Items

Click the drop-down to choose the content that you want to associate with the coupon. The coupon discount is eligible only to items associated with it. Use the Select All feature to allow participants to apply the discount to all available content.

By default, nothing is selected under Associations. You have to select at least one item to create a valid coupon.

Times to Use

Enter the number of times the coupon can be used. Limitations can be set for each participant or for Path LMS as a whole.

Limit by items quantity

Use the toggle to limit the coupon by quantity of items.


Use the toggle to make the coupon active or inactive.

Ends On

Set the expiration date of the coupon.

Click Create Coupon to complete the process.

Viewing Applied Coupons

Coupons can be viewed after being added to the shopping cart. To view the applied coupons, from the main navigation, choose Admin > Commerce and select the Discounts tab.

The discounts tab lists out the details of available coupons and can also be exported to a .csv format using the Export button.

Exporting List

As an administrator you can view the list of applied coupons by each participant, and as a participant you can view the list of available coupons.

Using a Coupon

When participants log in and navigate to the Shopping Cart page, they can see where to enter a coupon code if it’s available. If the coupon is still active, it will be applied automatically after they enter it.

If participants add to the cart while logged out, they may be able to view content they don’t have access to purchase. For more information, please see Guest Viewable Guest Access.

Accessing Coupons

At least one valid coupon must exist for the promo code box to appear on the Shopping Cart page.

After applying the promo code, your participants can proceed with the payment information to complete the transaction.