Custom Price Labels

You can add custom price labels to content for sale. This allows you to add a custom item description that can appear on reports, and through the payment gateway.

This feature also makes it easier to search through your payment gateway for items sold in Path.

Getting There

To view and edit the custom price label, you can select any item for sale and navigate to the Advanced tab as shown below.

Advanced Tab

Adding a New Custom Label

Enable the Purchasable toggle, and click the tag icon to add a new custom label.

Add New Label

Add an item description in the field provided.

Make sure to save your changes before exiting.

Viewing Custom Label in Path Reports

After your custom label has been created, it will appear in reports, and will also show up in the payment gateway.

View Label

In order to see price labels in the reports section, items must be purchased first.

Deleting a Custom Label

You can also delete a custom label by clicking the label button as shown below.

Delete Label