Ecommerce Reporting

Ecommerce reporting allows you to get detailed reports of various transactions that have occurred in Path.

Getting There

From the main navigation, click Admin, and select the Commerce tab in the Account Settings page.

Ecommerce Reporting

In the Commerce section, you’ll find a list of tabs containing reports, statistics, and other useful information.


The Overview tab is an analytical dashboard of sales revenue details. You can filter sales four different ways: weekly, monthly, yearly, and all-time.

Ecommerce Overview

Exporting Reports

Any reports listed within the Commerce section are easily exportable into a spreadsheet by clicking the Export button as shown below.

Ecommerce Export


The Sales tab gives you details about every purchase that’s been made. You can drill-down on an order and view the receipt page. To view details about each order, click the View Order button.

Ecommerce Sales

You can also search for an order using the Order Number field.

Viewing Orders

The details of the selected sales order can be viewed using the View Order button. This allows you to see the details of the transaction.

Although the receipt is shown under the Refunds tab, it is not a refund.

Ecommerce Sales Receipt


The Content tab gives you more information about the purchased content in Path. Click on any row in the Sales column to get more detailed information about whom the content was sold to.

Ecommerce Content


The Refunds tab shows you any refunds or revokes made on sold items in Path. Click the View Orders button for more details on the original purchase.

You can also search for the refunds using the search option.

Ecommerce Refund

Product Catalog

The Product Catalog tab contains every sellable item in Path that has an item ID. This page is mainly used to find the IDs of products for integration purposes.

Ecommerce Product Catalog

If group pricing is on, this page displays a list of all sellable item IDs.


The Discounts tab is a report of all the coupons and discounts that have been used in content transactions.

Ecommerce Discounts

Please visit coupons for more information on applying coupons and discounts.