Expiring Content

You can make Ecommerce content expire in Path by setting an expiration date. Options include setting an actual date, or creating expiration countdown from the time of purchase.

Getting There

To make content expire, slide the Expires toggle under the Advanced tab in any item for sale as shown below.

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Setting an Expiration

After you enable content expiration, the following options become available.

Expire Section


Allows an item to be repurchased again after it expires.

Expiration Types

Pick an Expiration Date

This option allows you to set an actual date in YYYY-MM-DD format as shown below.

Expiration Date

Select the Number of Days before Expiration

This option initiates a countdown (in days) from the time of purchase for each transaction.

For instance, if the expiration date for a particular item is 10 days and a customer purchases the item on January 1st, the content expires January 10th. For a customer that purchases the same item on January 5th, the content will expire January 15th.

Content expiration occurs at the beginning of the day (12:00 am) and not the end of the day (11:59pm) for each user.

Expires After

If you are creating a manual order, content expiration will still apply.

Be sure to save your changes before exiting the Advanced tab and leaving the page.

Viewing Expiring Content

After a customer has purchased content in Path, expiration dates can be viewed by navigating to My Activity under the customer’s account profile as shown below.

Viewing Expiring Content

Path also displays messages within content as deadlines approach so customers are aware of upcoming expiration dates.

Content Expiration Banner

Warning messages will appear automatically, and Path will also send push-notifications as the deadline approaches.

Expiration Email