Issuing Purchase Credits

Purchase credits allow you to add currency to user accounts in Path. You can either manually add purchase credits, or you can create a coupon code that can be redeemed for account credit.

Getting There

Navigate to Commerce from the Admin tab.

Issue Purchase Credits

Manually Assigning the Credit

To manually assign credits:

Select the Credit Balances tab. Then, enter the name or email of a user you want to assign credits to and click the Search for User button.

Issue Purchase Credits

Click the +Add Credits button to start adding credits for this user.

The Add Credits window appears, showing the Current Credit Balance for this user.

Issue Purchase Credits

Enter the credit amount in the Amount field and click the Add Credit button.

Issue Purchase Credits

This credit amount is now assigned and is displayed under the Current Credit Balance section of the Add Credits window. Every time you add credits, they are reflected in the user account balance. The History of added credits section displays the history of credits assigned.

Click the Delete button to remove credits assigned to a user.

Issue Purchase Credits

Using a Coupon Code for Credit

The second method of assigning credits is by using coupon codes.

Under Commerce, select the Coupons tab. Then, click the Add Coupons button.

Issue Purchase Credits

In the Add new Coupon window, select Credit coupon from the Type of Coupon drop-down list.

Issue Purchase Credits


Enter a name for the credit coupon.


Enter the credit code. You can create a code manually or click the Generate a Code link for a system-generated code.


Enter the amount you would like credited to each user who uses the coupon.

Times to use

Enter the maximum number of users who can use this coupon. Users can only use a coupon through each account once.

Active toggle

Slide this toggle to activate or deactivate the coupon.

Ends On

Select an end date for this coupon from the calendar.

Click the Create Coupon button to create the coupon.

Newly added credits are listed under the Coupons tab.

Issue Purchase Credits

For more information on coupons, visit Coupons.

Users can view their credit balance, history of credits or add more credits once they log into their accounts. To add more credits,

1) Navigate to the user profile screen.

2) Under Credit Balance, enter the coupon code and click Apply.

Issue Purchase Credits

The user’s account will then be credited with the amount determined by the coupon code.

An expiration date can be put on the usage of coupons but not on the credit itself.