Manual Orders

Manual Orders allow you to track transactions that happen outside of Path’s checkout process or integrated ecommerce. One example of this is the pay-by-check scenario. Creating a manual order ensures that participants have access to their content, and that your ecommerce reports are correct for reconciliation.

No email receipt is sent when a manual order is created. The order details will show on the user’s Purchases tab in their Profile.

Getting There

From the main navigation, click Admin, and select the Commerce tab.

ECommerce-Manual Orders

Then, select the Manual Orders tab as shown below.

ECommerce-Manual Orders

From here, you can create manual orders for existing Path users.

Enter name or email in the Name or Email text field and click the Search for User button.

ECommerce-Manual Orders

You can view the search result as shown below.

ECommerce-Manual Orders

To scroll through a list of all available users, leave the Name or email field blank and press the Search for User button.

Adding a Manual Order

To add a manual order, click the Add Order button.

ECommerce-Manual Orders

The Add New Order pop-up allows you to add description of the order, select products, and provides a list of prices.

ECommerce-Manual Orders

Reason for Manual Order

Enter a reason for the manual order in the Reason for Manual Order text box.

Select Products

Select the items to be added in the order.

ECommerce-Manual Orders

Enter the Price of Each Product

When you add more than one product, the total order price will be calculated by adding up the prices of all the products.

Click the Create Order button.

A confirmation pop-up appears in the Account Setting page saying the order has been created.

Viewing the Order

To see the order, navigate to the Sales tab. You can click the column headers to filter orders, or search for the order number directly as shown below.

ECommerce-Manual Orders

Click View Order for further details and a receipt of the transaction.