Product Bundles

Product bundles allow you to create highly configurable bundles of several items as one combined product for sale on Path. Possible configurations include:

  • Creating a ‘best of’ course items or event presentations bundle, using content items or presentations not normally sold by themselves
  • Giving a discount for purchasing a group of 3 courses instead of just 1
  • Creating a fixed price for selling a webinar and an On-Demand Event together

Contact your Blue Sky representative for more information on enabling product bundles.

Getting There

From the main navigation, click Product Bundles.

Product Bundles

Adding New Product Bundle

To create a new product bundle, click Add New Product Bundle and fill in the basic details.

Adding New Product Bundle

Enter Name

Enter a valid name for the product bundle.

Enter Description

Give your product bundle a short description.


Associations display a list of items that you want to combine in your product bundle. Use the drop-down to view the available items. Click Select All to add everything available, or select individual items based on your needs.

If an item is currently free in Path, it remains free even after adding it to the product bundle.


Slide the toggle on to set pricing for your product bundle.


Slide the toggle to choose whether the product bundle expires or not.


Slide the toggle to make this product bundle repurchasable after expiration.

You can either choose an expiration date or number of days before expiration.

Slide the featured toggle to display your product bundle on the home page.


Slide the toggle and enable your participants to view the product bundle, or hide it.

Click Create Product Bundle.

Purchasing the Product Bundle

After selecting a bundle for sale, participants can use the Add to Cart button to initiate a purchase of the bundle.

Viewing the Product Bundle

There is no group configuration for a product bundle. Within a product bundle, you can only view the items available to your group.

After the bundle has been added to the cart, proceed to checkout to complete the transaction.