Guest Viewable and Guest Access

There are a few guest settings that determine how logged out participants can interact with content. Guest settings can be found from the Advanced tab while building content in Path.

Guest Viewable and Guest Access

Guest Viewable Toggle

Slide the Guest viewable toggle to on to allow logged out participants to see an item in an event or course listing. This is the default behavior so participants can see the available content. If you want to hide content from participants until they log in, slide the toggle to off.

Guest Access Toggle

Slide the Guest access toggle to on to allow logged out participants the ability to click and access actual content without requiring a login. This makes the content completely open, and is the most lenient security setting. For example, a video in a course can be watched without even logging in.

The Guest Access setting is on by default, and behaves a little differently on Live Web Events. Disabling the setting will hide the event details page behind a login screen, and is generally not recommended. The event details page will always require registration (even with this setting on).

Important Note on Courses and On Demand Events

These settings only exist on content within the course, not the course itself. If you disable all course content from being guest viewable, the course itself will cease to be guest viewable.

The same principle applies for presentations within an On Demand Event.