Custom Integrations

Custom built by Blue Sky eLearn

Our development team has done various custom integrations, mostly in the realm of Single Sign On. These custom integrations are built directly on top of Path, and provide a seamless experience to your users. Implementation time and cost can vary.

Custom built by you

Path has various API endpoints which allow you to build your own single sign on strategy. You’ll need to request API credentials to get started.

Basic example

This general workflow can be used to sign up/log in users from your own site:

  1. Check to see if your user exists in Path yet: GET api/v1/users (if they do, you can skip to step 3)
  2. Create a new user: POST api/v1/users (since a loginToken and loginUrl are returned when creating a user, you can skip to step 4)
  3. Generate a loginToken and loginUrl: POST api/v1/users/generate_login_token
  4. Redirect the user to the loginUrl

Token based login

Advanced example - Group assignment

This builds upon the basic example, and outlines how you may go about assigning users to groups. Let’s assume we have two groups set up in PathLMS: Member and Non-Member. Non-Member is our default, so anyone not explicitely added as a Member will be automatically added as Non-Member.

Your system has identified a user as a Member. They have never logged in to Path before, so you’ll be creating a new Path account during the SSO process. This would be the general workflow:

  1. Check to see if the user exists. They don’t
  2. Create a new user, passing along the ID of the Member group
  3. Log them in as described above

Now let’s say 6 months has passed, and this user’s Member status has expired. We want to be sure they’re only in Path’s Non-Member group from this point forward.

  1. Find the event(s) at which your site triggers a change to a user’s member status (in our example, it would be automated based on a 6 month expiration)
  2. Make a call to PUT api/v1/users, passing along the ID of the Non-Member group

You’ll likely find GET api/v1/groups useful for getting your list of Path groups and each one’s unique ID