Setup Credentials

Type Description
Provider Token Please contact the YourMembership Custom Service team to obtain your API Key.

Integration Points

Single Sign On (SSO)

PathLMS integrates seamlessly with YourMembership to create the best sign on experience possible for your users. When signing in to Path, they’ll be taken to the YourMembership platform to fill out their user information, and then automatically redirected back to Path.

Determining Members vs. Non Members

To distinguish between Members or Non-Members, you’ll need to create two new Groups on Path. The groups should be named “Member” and “Non-Member” (exactly, and without the quotes).

When requesting the user information from the YourMembership API, Path will check each time to see if there is a MemberTypeCode, and also whether the MembershipExpiry is in the future.

If both pass, the user is considered a Member. If MemberTypeCode is blank and/or the MembershipExpiry is in the past, the user is considered a Non-Member.