Path™ Event Learning Platform

Blue Sky eLearn’s Path™ Event Learning Platform, is a new cloud-based learning management system specifically designed for media content from educational events. Path offers a new way of publishing, managing, and delivering learning content for external and internal audiences, helping to reduce barriers to implementing online learning programs with an easy-to-use, mobile-ready solution.

Developed with feedback from clients in various industries, experiences, and users in mind, Blue Sky’s new Path Event Learning Platform makes it easy for education directors and meeting planners to capture, manage, and deliver educational content. Path is built upon the most current technologies available and utilizes responsive web design to offer the most optimal end-user experience across a wide range of devices including tablet devices, mobile phones and desktop computers.

With a completely redesigned, intuitive user interface and navigation structure that simplifies educational event content management, Path is unlike any other solution in the market and allows for self-service or fully-managed administration with online event and course creation, management and editing.

Responsive design

Path™ Event Learning Platform is a rapidly deployed solution that enhances learning for worldwide audiences allowing simple one-click transcoding and publication of conference recordings, presentations, documents, and more, including robust reporting and analytics. With an intuitive self-service system, little training is required for the new state-of-the-art system that automatically optimizes for display on virtually any device—without additional applications required.

  • Simply push a button to automatically transcode and publish each of your conference recordings, presentations and handout materials
  • Intuitive self-service system administration—no training needed
  • New, state-of-the-art responsive design that automatically optimizes for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computer displays
  • Built-in language packs for internationalization
  • Integration capabilities with other systems
  • Bulk Upload for Users and Video Files

Video with slides

Video presentation

Content Library

  • A specific flow for clients who want to archive whole events (conferences, meetings, etc.).
  • Event archive page listing all events/conferences with customizable cover images
  • Ability to add presentations and attach links/documents to each presentation as resources
  • Ability to host external presentations from course building tools like Articulate and Captivate
  • Each page shows a listing of presentations with two additional filters (generally for track and day)
  • Events can include a descriptions and keywords
  • Administrative features to make the event “featured” on your site and “active”
  • Drag and drop capabilities to define presentation order
  • Add presentations with
    • Overview
    • Resources
    • Contributors with photo and bio
    • Descriptions: Styles in WYSIWYG editor for description areas to show proper font styling – this allows easy customization of description areas: text, links, images, etc. You can embed any application with embed code in to the description areas of our pages. For example Quizlet, twitter feeds, Facebook like boxes, etc.

Notetaking Capability

Your users can take advantage of Path’s interactive notetaking tool to quickly jot anything down while watching or listening to a presentation. Each note creates a bookmark, allowing them to jump back to that spot with a single click. These notes are private to each of your users, and they can download each presentation’s notes for offline viewing.

Presentation Notes

Upload Files

Files are automatically converted to multiple files to ensure it will work on multiple devices.

  • Video Only Presentation: Standard video formats supported include:
  • Slides:
    • PDF’s from PowerPoints are automatically converted to our custom player with thumbnail view in progress bar of slides.
  • Audio Only:
    • MP3 file format
  • Slides synced with audio requires:
    • Slide image
    • Xml syncing file
    • Audio file
  • Slides synced with video requires:
    • Slide images
    • Xml syncing file
    • Video file

Courses Workflow

  • Create a course library with description and metadata of contents
  • Courses can contain Sections, Links, Documents, Presentations, Assessments, Surveys, Webinars and Certificates
  • Customize course cover images
  • Categorize courses by creating additional category filters
  • Drag and drop capabilities to define course item order

Course screenshot

Commenting On Content

As an administrator, you can enable user commenting on your content. This engaging feature instantly enables users to have a live and threaded conversation. Comments are seamlessly integrated using a product called Disqus, a free and widely adopted platform.

Assessments, Credits, Certificates, Surveys

  • Path has the ability to incorporate assessments and custom certificates and surveys within each course.
  • Assessments can be built-in as pre-requisites, evaluations, and/or post-tests and include single multiple-choice, multiple multiple-choice questions (ex: choice a & c, all of the above, etc.) and matching question type. Assessments are graded automatically and can have multiple pages
  • Administrators can assign credit type, credit value, passing scores, number of allowed retakes, keywords and notifications
  • Assessments are flexible and easy to construct/organize
  • Assessments can be on one scrollable page or multiple pages
  • Site displays user progress while taking the tests
  • As an administrator, easily generate certificates based on completion of specific items
  • Certificate builder - Create fully customizable certificates with variable fields. Even custom registration fields can be added to certificate templates
  • Survey builder – Create fully customizable surveys
  • Administrators can drag and drop fields and upload images to construct re-useable certificate templates
  • Certificate activity tab in the user’s profile shows “in progress” and “completed” certificates and a certificate page showing user progress and automatic awarding of printable certificates
  • Emails sent to users awarded certificates
  • Certificate icons for prerequisites, checkmarks for completed course items, and a quick glance progress bar
  • Assign multiple credit types to course items. Credits are also displayed as appropriate metadata of their items.
  • Pull custom user fields onto certificates


Path integrates directly with SCORM Cloud to support SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can.

Path treats SCORM packages as course items, meaning you can leverage Path’s powerful course structuring tools listed above.

For learners with access to the content, launching is easy. SCORM content can include a link to ‘exit’ or ‘return to LMS’. When the user closes the window or clicks a link like one of those, they’ll be returned automatically to Path. Extra tabs/windows launched by SCORM will be closed at this time, and progress will be synchronized between Path and SCORM Cloud.

Progress can be tracked within your SCORM package, so learners will be prompted to pick up where they left off.

Assignments for Instructor Led Courses

The Assignments feature allows you to create, grade and review coursework in Path. Participants can upload work for a grade, and receive feedback after submission.

  • To complete and submit an assignment, participants can ‘add their answer’ by uploading their completed assignment and leaving any comments for the reviewer.
  • After a participant has submitted the assignment for review, the instructor can log in and grade it.
  • Assignments are automatically updated as the instructor grades them from the main assignments page.
  • Any passed assignments are shown in green, along with any feedback written.
  • Any failed assignments show up in red, and indicate the assignment needs to be resubmitted if allowed.
  • After the assignment has been graded, participants can login and see the grade they received as well as any feedback.

Mobile/Tablet Optimized

Path has been built from the ground-up to support a variety of screen sizes, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Utilizing the latest design techniques, the system is fully responsive and adjusts the view depending on the device you are viewing from. This ensures that whether you are taking a test, viewing a video presentation or browsing content, it is displayed optimized for the device you are currently on. In addition, our back-end technology automatically converts any video content to ensure that it can be played back on virtually any device or operating system.


Our enhanced reporting includes two unique modules. The first module is a System Dashboard that provides a visual representation of the activity in your account, as well as a heads-up display that lists all the important information such as total content, number of users, number of certificates etc. The second module contains our robust detailed reports that provide a comprehensive view of user activity, module activity, assessments and certificates issued, and many other reports. The reports give you the tools needed to quickly gauge a course or programs effectiveness or identify your most popular content. Designated personnel can be granted administrative access for a variety of reports including utilization stats, assessment results, registration profiles and multiple drill-down statistics available 24/7. Reports can be exported to Excel® for further sorting needs.

Reporting dashboard

Limited Access Administrators

When editing a user, you’ll see two administrative options:

  • Grant full admin access
  • Grant limited admin access (displays when full admin is turned off)

Use the limited admin access to grant users permission to portions of the administrative back-end, such as reporting or bulk uploads.

  • A unified search bar allows your users to search the system from any page on the site.
  • Keywords can be assigned to virtually all assets in the system, including events, courses, documents, and assessments to ensure the most relevant results are returned to users searching on key terms.
  • Search by titles and descriptions as well as speaker/author name or bio
  • Filter all search results by content type


  • Automatic switching of system text (buttons, labels, pre-defined system text, etc.)
  • Administrator can default their portal to a specific language for system text
  • Users can edit settings in their profile to change the default language for system text

Ecommerce/Access Permissions

  • Users can easily find their purchased items on your homepage, in their profile, and by using our intelligent filtering system
  • Includes secure e-commerce capabilities utilizing many popular payment solutions, including Paypal PayFlow Pro, Authorize.Net, Braintree, and a long list of others
  • Supports third-party checkout mode, in which your AMS can facilitate the order/checkout process
  • Sell content by Event or Course as well as by individual items.
  • Create Product Bundles for grouping together anything from entire courses to individual presnetations
  • Built-in shopping cart allows users to browse the site and purchase multiple items at the same time.
  • Robust Group Permissions capabilities enable granular control over which group of users see what content. Create unlimited groups and utilize an intuitive admin control to set what content each group should have access to.
  • Allows for member/non-member configurations, as well as the ability to show/hide specific content to anonymous users.
  • Group pricing – Admins can easily set different prices for Course, Events, or any item per group.
  • Custom Registration Questions for users to fill out during sign up of their Path account.
  • Access Codes as a custom registration question.

Ecommerce Expiration

All content for sale can be set to expire. You can choose a certain date or a number of days after purchase. You can choose whether the content can be repurchased or not. Users who purchase expiring content will see expiration in a handful of ways:

  1. ‘Your content is expiring’ email notifications within a 7-day window
  2. New filter and text label on profile page
  3. Banner on the actual product

Live Web Registration

  • Custom descriptions and end of meeting messages
  • Set and reorder presenters with their pictures and bios
  • Ability to set max registrations and close RSVP anytime
  • Redirect users directly after the webinar ends
  • Feature specific webinars on the homepage
  • Attach resources for additional downloads such as handouts
  • Easily select time and date
    • Time zone defaulted to user preference and displayed in all US time zones
  • Add to calendar including Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.
  • System requirements page and system checker
  • Automatic Join Now button to launch webinars up to 30 minutes prior to start time
  • Automatic detection of Seats Available, Limited Seats, and Full webinars
  • Users can cancel RSVP to a webinar
  • Automatic pop-up displays to users when the webinar is within 30 minutes from start time
  • Automatic display of End Web Event Message
    • Ability for admins to upload a video archive once the webinar is complete
  • Group attendance codes for webinars
  • Host live streams and track attendance, sell registrations, and wrap with learning rules


  • Utilizes PCI Level 1 Compliant payment gateway
  • SSL Security on all for ecommerce pages.
  • Path is hosted on the state-of-the-art Heroku Cloud Platform which is SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 compliant.

Live Technical Support

Technical support is provided via email and phone from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm ET, 5 days a week (Monday – Friday). Contact information is posted on website. All support inquiries will be responded to by the next business day (or sooner). Phone support has the same hours and response time as with email.

It is recommended that you provide contact information for someone within your organization in case users have questions regarding the content being discussed or general questions we are not be able to answer. This will be posted on the website.


The monthly billing for your Path™ system commences when the client administration privileges have been sent to client.