Adding Videos to Video Go


Video presentations are the primary content consumed in Video Go. Path makes it simple to upload videos, and also attach useful information like descriptions, search keywords, categories to make the video easier to find.

Getting There

To add a new video, navigate to the Video Library tab on the home page, and click the Add New Presentation button. Enter the Basic and Advanced tabs and upload the video.

Adding Videos

Upload Video

The first thing you can do is upload the video by pressing the Upload Video button.

Path supports the following video types: *.mov; *.mpg; *.avi; *.flv; *.f4v; *.mp4; *.m4v; *.wmv; *.vob; *.mob; *.3gp; *.mkv; *.divx; *.xvid

Basic Tab

The Basic tab includes required information in order to add a video. To begin, enter the details as shown below.


Enter a name for your video.


Provide a short summary of the video.

Cover Description

Enter a cover description of the video.


Select the category for your video.


You can slide the toggle to allow participants to view the video, or you can choose to hide it.

Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab contains additional options for adding a new video.

Guest Access

The Guest Access toggle is on by default. You can slide it off if you want to restrict guest users from viewing the video.

A video can be marked to appear in the featured list, on the home page by sliding this toggle on.

Restrict Forwarding

Sliding this toggle forces viewers to watch the video from start to finish.

Cover Image Second

You can provide a cover image for your video by entering the value (in seconds). Video Go displays the thumbnail present in the video during that time.

Search Keywords

Enter search keywords to you expect people to use to find your video faster.


Slide the toggle to enable or disable the comments thread for a video.

Please visit commenting for more details on how to configure comments by Disqus.

Click Create Presentation to create the video content.