Video Go Advertisements


Advertisements can be added to the home page of your Video Go content, allowing you to customize advertisement information and drive more sales. You can manage the ad space on the listing page along with videos. They can be managed specifically for each video content.

Advertisements are not required. If you don’t add any advertisements, the placeholder will not be seen by content viewers.


Managing Advertisements

To manage ads,

1) Select an existing video.

2) Click the Manage Space button on the Ad Space area.

Manage Ads

3) In the code box, enter the ad code or a specific image code.

Ad Code

The image should be no more than 300 pixels wide.

4) Click Save.

5) Click Preview Space to view the ad that you have posted.

Preview Ad Code

You can mark an ad code to be displayed specifically for a video by selecting the Set as default Ad space checkbox. If you uncheck it, the ad is displayed for all the videos on the home page.