Video Go Features


Video Go is flexible, and can operate within your current instance of Path LMS. If you are already using the Path LMS suite, many of the features will already be familiar for you. Video Go can also operate independently of the LMS suite.

Managing Categories

The Managing Categories drop-down allows you to organize your videos into categories. This allows your viewers to search for content more easily, and gives your content better organization. When you select a new category, the associated videos get updated on the home page.


Creating Presentation Categories

To create presentation categories,

1) Navigate to the Video Library tab

2) Click the Manage Presentation Categories button

3) Click Add Category

Creating Categories

4) Enter the category name

5) Select the parent category for sub level categorization (If Required)

6) Click Add Category

You can also add sub categories to each of the main category and can edit or delete an existing category using the buttons provided.

Search box allows you to perform real time searches. It allows you to quickly browse through large video libraries using titles, descriptions and search keywords.

Realtime Search

Real time search and video categorization work hand in hand. You can basically search any video with the help of the search box. If there are more than 24 video results, the page has an automatic pagination feature. As you scroll to the bottom, more videos load automatically.

If you want to search a video under a specific category, select the category first and then type the keywords in the search box to look for the video.

You can feature any number of videos that will take priority on the home screen. You can mark a video to appear in featured list by sliding the Featured toggle when you are adding or editing a video.

Featured Videos


When a video is uploaded, thumbnails are automatically generated. This allows you to preview the video before you choose to navigate to the particular spot in the video. Users can hover over the progress bar to view the thumbnails before they skip to a specific part of the video.


When you are adding or editing a video, the Cover Image Second field allows you to cutom configure a thumbnail to show up as the cover image.

Share Buttons

Share buttons allow you to share the video content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For more details on sharing content on social sites, visit General Settings

Share Button