July 20 - Sprint recap


  • Accessibility updates
    • Made cookie consent accessible
    • Fixed category dropdown to work with screen readers (Level A)
    • Color contrast updated sitewide (Level AA)
    • Added title to credit card fields on checkout (Level A)
    • Made video control fast forwards keyboard accessible (Level A)
    • Added label to search icon/button (Level A)
  • Changed product selection UI on bundles and coupons so it’s easier to find
  • Changed ‘next’ button on surveys so you end up back at the top of the next page
  • Various updates to development tools - continuous integration and application performance monitoring
  • Made changes to address cookie issues for IE11 users viewing the embed


  • Fixed tooltip on edit coupon modal
  • Fixed customize switch on edit email screen
  • Fixed failsafe generate_certificates job
  • Fixed category dropdown which was showing empty categories
  • Fixed Free CLE filter so it doesn’t get reset when a category is selected
  • Fixed certificate date on external activity import
  • Fixed missing forgot password URL to iMIS provider
  • Fixed specific iMIS SSO (wasn’t working for subset of users)
  • Fixed netFORUM Enterprise event writeback job
  • Fixed error message when adding contributors
  • Fixed alignment of live events on user profile
  • Fixed missing open graph metadata creating warnings on Facebook debugger
  • Fixed discount coupon still appearing after removing item from the cart
  • Fixed inability to update in person event settings after the date passes
  • Fixed view report button linking to wrong place on presentation
  • Fixed hover alignment on certain video thumbnails