June 22 - Sprint recap


  • Added start and end date to courses. This is currently limited to reporting and display. It doesn’t add any extra logic to courses (like automatically opening registration or setting it inactive).
  • Added a metadata field to certificates. This is also currently limited to reporting and display, and doesn’t show up as a merge field on the certificate template designer.
  • Added a flag to hide credits earned from the users who earned them. They would just show up on the certificate.
  • Set help widget to compact mode for PathEmbeds
  • Updated join logic on GoToWebinar to be more tolerant of rescheduled events
  • Removed the ability to reschedule GoToWebinar events after the start time, since GoToWebinar doesn’t support it


  • Cleaned the app cache so our missing button fix took effect
  • Performance improvements on synced video and thumbnail presentations
  • Fixed validation roadblock on live event form
  • Fixed broken UI when tabbing away from certificate template designer without closing it first
  • Fixed emails to always get rescheduled in parity with their event
  • Fixed redirect URL on NeonCRM
  • Fixed issue where registrants were unable to join an Adobe Connect event after an email change
  • Fixed issue where moving an assessment question to another page didn’t stick
  • Fixed odd issue where datepicker didn’t show up when creating on demand events IF live web events is disabled
  • Fixed issue where overwriting a cover image second on a video go presentation caused it to be overwritten
  • Fixed intrusive attendance verification fields
  • Fixed cached admin count of assignment submissions
  • Fixed missing external product ID field on event sections
  • Fixed custom icon display on presentation page
  • Fixed a handful of system emails to redirect back to PathEmbeds parent ## Misc

  • Upgraded Scout APM version to take advantage of increased database performance metrics
  • Enabled compression on staging/production application-*.js