May 25 - Sprint recap

This is a summary of updates from the past 2 week sprint.


  • Regarding assignemnt issues
    • Added more detailed error logging to Javascript
    • Upgraded Filestack to from v3 0.7.0 to 0.11.4
    • Fixed sticky ‘processing’ button after submitting a bad form
  • Updated My Activity tabs on homepage
    • Purchased Content tab no longer shows inactive items
    • Content tabs include items purchased but not started
  • Reduced production impact for deployments with migrations
  • Set the My Activity accordion’s first element to collapsed so it’s easier to browse through
  • Switch credit value display order to be alphabetical

  • Added custom OAuth integration
  • Added callback receiver for custom integration
  • Added new iMIS SSO with member type sync
  • Added new optional user identifier for Higher Logic callbacks


  • Fixed switches in Edge browser
  • Fixed view of credit values per type
  • Fixed detailed export for in person events
  • Fixed Free CLE button from being clickable when disabled
  • Fixed events JSON feed so it only includes active events
  • Fixed error with in person event confirmation emails
  • Fixed intermittently broken product catalog report
  • Fixed intermittent error on orders API call
  • Fixed intermittent Free CLE initial login grant
  • Fixed View Reports button on historical events (it previously had the event hidden)
  • Fixed SAML SSO
  • Fixed attendance calculation skipping on GoTo events already marked ‘ended’ in Path
  • Fixed gate screen on in person events so it matches webinars
  • Fixed in person text formatting issues (address and date)
  • Fixed bad link when adding first webinar provider
  • Fixed wrong cache keys and restored caching on courses/sections
  • Refactored certificate job to fix performance issues
  • Fixed odd case where zero dollar checkout allows a discounted cart total to fall below zero