October 12 - Sprint recap


  • Added option to hide purchasable icons
  • Launched new live stream / webcast attendance tracker (ASH) to all accounts
  • Added open ended registration questions to the API
  • Added new option for netFORUM Pro SSO group sync


  • Fixed revoked item display on user profile
  • Fixed archived certificate display issues
  • Fixed certificate awarded at timezone issues
  • Fixed issue marking users as completed / attended on in person events
  • Fixed issues with JSON feed
  • Fixed attendance processing for GoToWebinar in a series
  • Fixed time zone date/time view for in person events listing (was displaying in UTC if logged out)
  • Fixed option for auto-disabling parent sale on full registration to include registration closed on in person events
  • Fixed duplicate certificate display
  • Fixed error marking as complete with no associated credits
  • Fixed product bundles on product catalog report
  • Fixed 2 issues with Impexium purchase webhooks, and routed purchase sync through proxy