September 28 - Sprint recap


  • Added ability to switch currency. Changing the currency type is account wide, and current support is for US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound.
  • Mark as Complete now allows for credits to be changed before marking (instead of having to go back in and do it)
  • Added various columns and drilldowns to the reports
  • Added YourMembership demographic sync
  • Added better behind the scenes audit logging for some of the recently added item types
  • Added option for auto-disabling parent purchase (course, section, product bundle) when one of the child items has a full registration
  • Built proof of concept for using subdomains instead of slugs


  • Fixed ‘Credits’ column on various course items reports to use the (more applicable) credits columns
  • Researched graceful transaction timeout handling
  • Fixed management of assessment pools
  • Fixed creating GoTo events when the account name has special characters (i.e an apostrophe)
  • Fixed issues with attendance on Adobe Connect
  • Fixed netFORUM Pro & Enterprise sync bug with external ID
  • Fixed Free CLE expiration issues
  • Fixed time zone on adjusted expiring items
  • Audited & fixed any lingering email schedules that don’t match updated settings
  • Fixed external activity import
  • Fixed error with price labels on report exoprt
  • Fixed webinar attendee reports on accounts using the new live stream attendance tracker (ASH)