Bulk Media Upload

Bulk media upload allows you to upload groups of media files to your presentations at once.

The basic process of bulk media upload includes:

  • Bulk uploading media- This is where you upload all of the files you wish to associate to presentations.
  • Associating media to presentations- This is where you actually associate meta data to the various media files you’ve uploaded. This can be done using the Bulk Upload Template feature (for on-demand events only), or you can associate presentations to the media one at a time from the create/edit window.

Bulk uploading and associating media can be done in any order. You don’t have to upload before you can associate it.

Getting There

To start uploading your media files, navigate to the Admin tab on the home page. Then, select Bulk Upload.

Admin Bulk Upload

Bulk Uploading Media

You can bulk upload both audio and video files to the Existing Media section.

Select the corresponding tab relevant to your media, and click the Choose Video Files or Choose Audio Files button.

You can either drag and drop, or select a file of your choice through the file browser. The media file formats supported are listed below the button.

Bulk Video Upload

Once the files are uploaded, you can view content under the Existing Media section.

Existing Media Files

Associating Media using Bulk Upload Template Feature

If you are associating media for a course, please proceed to the next section.

If you’re associating media for an on-demand event, you can use the Bulk Upload Template feature to easily associate details to each piece of media.

To get started, go to Events and select On-Demand Events as shown below.

On-Demand Events

Select the On-demand Event

Choose the on-demand event you want to add media to.


Select Bulk Presentation Upload

You will be redirected to the Bulk Upload section, where you’re given the option to download and upload your media template.

Bulk Presentation Upload

Download the Template

Click the Download template button to download the the template. You can choose between a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx format.

Download Template

Presentations can be imported with multiple keywords and groups separated by a semi-colon (;). Use ‘utf-8’ encoding for files.

The following fields in the spreadsheet are required:

  1. Presentation type
  2. Presented on (MM/DD/YYYY)
  3. Name

To set values for “Downloadable Video” or “Restrict Forwarding” columns you can use “true/false” values (without quotes).

Complete the Template

Enter your presentation details in the spreadsheet. A sample template is shown below. For Demonstration purposes, required columns have been highlighted yellow.

Sample Template

The Attach File Name column is where the media is actually associated to the physical file in Path.

Upload the Template

Once the import file is ready for import, click Upload Template button to upload the template file as shown below.

Upload Template Button

Verify Upload using Presentations Import Preview

Once the template has been uploaded, you can preview the template as seen in the figure below.

Import Preview

This view validates whether information in your template is accurate or not.

A “Warning” line item can still be uploaded. Warnings can happen if fields are left blank. “Invalid” line items will not be uploaded.

If you are happy with the import preview results, you can click the Import button as shown below. If you want to fix something in the spreadhseet, you can click Go Back and attempt to upload again.

Update Button

Associating Media from Create/Edit Presentation Window

If you’re associating a smaller sample of media, or uploading presentation media for a course, you can associate through the Create/Edit Presentation window.

You can associate any new or existing presentation using this method.

This process is the same regardless of whether you’re creating a new presentation, or associating an existing one. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re associating from an on-demand event or a course.

Edit or Add a Presentation

Whether you’re editing a current presentation, or adding a new presentation, you need to go to presentation settings. This is where you would add basic and advanced information about the presentation.

Select the Bulk Upload Button

Upload Button

From here you will find the media files that have been uploaded in bulk to Path. You can select the media from the drop-down, save the changes, and your media will be associated to the presentation.