Bulk User Import

Bulk User Import enables you to upload multiple users into the application at the same time.

Getting There

To start the process, navigate to the Admin tab, and click Users as shown below.


Select the Bulk User Import tab to view the Bulk Upload Template.

Bulk User Import

Generating an Import File

You can generate an import file for your account, by clicking Download Template.

The different supported formats of template files are .csv and .xlsx.

Click Download Template to view the different file formats from the drop-down, then click one of the file formats to download it.

Downloading Template

Each row in the template should represent a single user. You can fill in the details as unformatted text.

CSV File

5,000 rows is the maximum number allowed for bulk import.

If Language column is left blank, it will default to English. Otherwise, set the specific language using the keys below:

  • English: en
  • French: fr
  • Spanish: es-ES

New users with empty password fields will receive an email with instructions to set the password.

First name, Last name, and Email are required fields.

The groups column is also not required, but can be useful.

Ensure that groups are created for the account first. If the group column is left blank, the user will inherit the default group set for the account. Otherwise, you can type in the group name exactly as it appears in the group settings. Users can also be imported into multiple groups separated by a semi-colon (;).

Uploading the Template

Once the import file is ready, upload it by clicking Upload Template. You are redirected to the following User Import Preview screen.

User Import Preview

The user import preview screen gives you an idea how many users will be added by importing. You will see 3 different lists of imported users:

  • Valid- All of the columns for this user were accepted without issue
  • Warning- There may be an issue with one of the columns, but the user can still be imported
  • Invalid- The data for this user is invalid. This user will be omitted from the upload until the invalid data is fixed.

Errors and Warnings

Click Import Users button to import the list.

You can import users in the warning list, but you can not import invalid users. You will need to correct the data entry errors before invalid users will be accepted.