General Settings

This section includes information like general account settings, customizations, home page content, themes, and language/time zone settings.

Account Settings

Account settings determine access to different features of Path as well as URL and account information.


A Blue Sky product manager can help you determine what features you need for an optimal experience. The full list of features include:

  • Courses
  • On-Demand Events
  • Live Web Events
  • Assessments
  • Credits & Certifications
  • Group Permissions & Pricing
  • Ecommerce
  • Surveys

Talk with your Blue Sky product manager for more information.

URL & Account Name

Work with your Blue Sky project manager to add the URL and Account Name for your Path Account.

  • Example Account Name: ABC Learning
  • Example URL:

Although you can request a change to your URL or Account Name in the future, optimally you should commit to one in the beginning so your participants never have issues accessing the content in the future.

General Settings

Under General Settings, you can customize your Path homepage, add useful social media links, set your date and time, and even change the theme.

Getting There

From the main navigation, click the Admin tab and click General as shown below.

General Settings

Settings tab

General Settings

The Settings tab allows you to perform the following customizations listed below.

Set your Banner Image(JPG)

The Banner Image lets you choose a JPG image as a banner. The banner image is displayed on the homepage, course or event index pages, and in email correspondence.

The recommended size is 1200*220 pixels. You can remove the banner image by selecting the Remove banner check box.

Enter a banner redirect URL. You will be redirected to this link when you click on the banner image.

Set your default Language & Time Zone

Select the default language and time zone.

General Settings

Participants can override the default language & time zone settings depending on preferences. Changing the language will only modify system generated text.

Homepage Description

Enter a description for your homepage. You can add formatted text & images using the WYSIWYG editor.

You can add links to social media content. Links are added to the homepage as icons as shown below.

General Settings

Adding social media links is optional. Links to various social media outlets will only exist if you set up the link.

Account RSS feed

The RSS feed contains a list content in your account including items like: title, keywords, descriptions, and prices.

You can create a custom header or footer link. This is useful if you expect participants to jump back and forth between Path and other resources (like your website).

General Settings

To create a header or footer link, just add the URL and the URL display text. After you update your account, the links appear in the header or footer.

General Settings

Comments Toggle

You can turn on the commenting feature for your content by sliding the toggle on. The commenting feature is powered by Disqus. You can also select the checkbox to use a custom Disqus forum shortname.

Slide the toggle to show participants other related items when they are purchasing an item.

Themes tab

General Settings

The themes tab lets you change the visual appearance of your interface. You can choose a color from the Background color drop-down. Click Update Theme to apply the selected background color, or click Delete Theme to delete the selected background color.

When you are finished with all the updates in your account, click Update Account to save the changes.