The User Profile

Finding the User Profile Page

From the main navigation, click the user settings button as shown below.

Profile location


This tab allows your users to manage their account basics, such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Language & time zone
  • Custom registration fields
  • Securely stored payment methods

User profile settings

My Activity

My activity covers all kinds of recent activity including transactions, courses, and events.

My Activity

Purchased Content

You can filter through all of your purchased content in this tab.


View all courses you’ve previously taken in Path.


View all previously attended events.

External Activity

View all other external activity.


View and print all past certificates from this tab.

User profile certificates


View all past purchases from this tab.

User profile purchases

My Live Web Events

Visit this tab to find web events you’ve registered for, regardless of whether they are upcoming or archived.

User profile my live web events

Credit Balance

Redeem credits here, and also view your current credit balance.

Credit Balance

Direct Linking to a User Profile Tab

Need to send users to a certain tab on their own profile? Just visit the page yourself, copy the URL, and send it to them. Even if they aren’t logged in, Path will remember the original URL.

For example, say you’re crafting an email that gets sent to all of your users. In the email, you could paste:

“Don’t forget to bring your certificates to the event on January 1st. You can print them from here:”

Each user visiting that link will be taken to their own Certificates tab. This works with any tab on the user profile page.