User Activity Page


With the Activity page, you can easily monitor all kinds of user behavior and action. This type of reporting will help you answer questions like:

  • What items has a person purchased previously?
  • What kind of browser was being used to access content?
  • How are participants progressing through courses/content?
  • How many participants were registered for a specific webinar?
  • When was a specific participant last active?
  • What content did that person last view?

Getting There

User activity reports can be accessed in two ways:

1) From the main navigation, click Admin » Users » User Settings.

2) Enter the name or email of the user in the search field.

3) Click the Search button.

4) Click the View Activity button.

User View Activity


1) From the Admin tab, click Reports.

2) Select the Users tab.

3) Click the View Activity button.

Reports View Activity

User Activity View

The User Activity page gives you a great at-a-glance view of activity for a particular user. The dashboard offers quick access to a variety of activity details across the top. A more detailed All Activity view is also available across the bottom section as shown below.

Activity Report

User Profile

Displays basic details like: user name, user groups, email address, and first/last login.

Latest Activity

Contains details about the last 5 items viewed, and the type of browser/OS being used.

Go-to Browser

This captures the most popular browser/OS used.

All Activity

Contains more granular detail about each piece of Path content that has ever been accessed.

Earned Certificates

  • The Certificates tab gives you detailed report on the certificates achieved by a particular user.
  • You can view and print certificates details from here as well.


  • The Courses tab gives you a closer look at complete/in-progress course work.
  • You can also retrieve progress reports for all items.
  • Custom metrics are also available for items like: view count, play count, hours watched, submission attempts, status, completion dates, and more.
  • Access full responses to surveys, assessments, and assignments right from the page.

Click the arrow next to each piece of course content to see an even more granular view of all the mentioned activity.

Activity Course

On-Demand Events & Video Go

  • Get a closer look at progress, play count, hours watched, visits, and other detail for each presentation.

Activity Events

Live Web Events

  • View all upcoming and past registered events for a particular user.
  • See other details like the number of visits, and the duration of each visit.

Live Web Events


  • Get access to every order, order ID, the amount paid, and the date purchased.
  • Drill down even further to see each item, and the individual price.

Activity Purchases